"48: Address already in use" error

dhaval d. lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Sep 9 17:40:07 UTC 2011

Did you check your process using ps -ef | grep nginx

Does it list any of the nginx process running? If yes then kill each one
of those and re-check it using above command.

ynasser wrote in post #1020988:
> $ sudo killall nginx
> Password:
> No matching processes were found
> When I try to run it, the same error occurs.
> To uninstall it, since there was no "easy" way to remove it, I just
> removed every file or folder which contained any nginx in its title or
> anywhere in the contents. There didn't seem to be any other way to
> remove it.
> The first time I installed it, I did a manual install. The second time I
> used: "sudo port install nginx".
> Posted at Nginx Forum:
> http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,215031,215033#msg-215033

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