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Tue Sep 13 00:31:04 UTC 2011


I'm setting up a reverse proxy to be used by different applications
working on a tomcat server. The configuration, is using proxy_pass
directive but it's not working, have searched but I've been able to
figure it out.  

The scenario is like this:

| (NginX)                |
_____________________( _________
( ________(
|_____________|  ------>
| Tomcat 1_____| 
| ( _| 

If anyone can help with this questions:

1.- Do I need to set different IP for each app on the tomcat server?
currently my apps are on: http://Tomcat:8080/app1,
http://Tomcat:8080/app2, http://Tomcat:8080/app3 all on the same IP.

2.- Currently I've a config but it seems to have problems with the fact
that I need to publish the application as a root let's say but this should point to my tomcat on

Thanks for your help,

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