Nginx + Tomcat7 for single webapp and multiple alias domain

tm1978 nginx-forum at
Wed Sep 14 11:26:12 UTC 2011

I am thinking about using NGINX instead of Apache to deliver a Tomcat7
webapp on Port :80 to the enduser.

I have the following requirements:

1. There is a single  web-app in the root with any urls (its own
internal urlrewriting). It has various URLs pointing to it for several
languages (and partially other content)

2. Another admin-webapp exists

My questions are:

(a) would it be a good idea to use NGINX a without  Apache Http server,
just with Apache Tomcat7 ?
(b) how can I set this up so that the Tomcat App always know the domain
name the user was using when calling the page?
(c) will the tomcat app still be able to know the IPs of every user?



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