php-fastcgi always exits.. resulting in 502 bad gateway

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Thu Sep 22 17:47:47 UTC 2011

Reinis Rozitis Wrote:
> > I'm running Debian Lenny which has only php 5.2
> :(
> I'm not a Debian user but you could add the dotdeb
> repo (
> lable/ ).
> Sticking with old and unsupported php release isnt
> a good thing.
> rr
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I used to do this and I hat php 5.3 running with apache. But when I
decided to try something new to go with nginx instead of apache, I had
trouble setting up nginx with php as that repository doesnt have the
php-cgi package. Therefor all attempts to get any phpinfo() file run
failed and I was forced to uninstall php 5.3 to install php 5.2. I
wasn't really happy with that, but at least it works at all... So far
I'm only half-satisfied with nginx, but I'm pretty sure thats just about
the config, nginx sounds fine. Gonne read tons of HowTos and Docs and
stuff I suppose

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