SSL_write() failed - v1.0.4

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Thu Sep 22 21:02:18 UTC 2011


I am getting the following in my error.log file:

2011/09/22 14:09:19 [crit] 29589#0: *27891 SSL_write() failed (SSL:)
while sending to client, client:, server:, request: "GET
/game_view/instant_play/SECVSRHNYL3G5UZGCFSOP2455TURX25Q HTTP/1.1",
host: "", referrer:

I am running nginx v1.0.4.  I noticed another user (dryang) posted a
similar problem agains v0.7.67, but there was no further information on
that post.

I also notice the following post in the development forum
which indicated a patch but that was over a year and a half ago.

Any help very much appreciated.

Thanks for allowing me to post here.

Dan O'Leary
The Innovation Games Company

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