Does Nginx honor DNS TTLs for proxy upstreams?

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Mon Sep 26 13:40:53 UTC 2011

Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> Resolver is only used for proxy_pass with
> variables, i.e. 
> something like
>     resolver;
>     set $backend "";
>     proxy_pass http://$backend;
> In such setup ip address of "" will
> be looked up 
> dynamically and result will be cached for 5
> minutes.

Thanks Maxim, that would be great but is it really supposed to work (in
the stable branch)? The 1.0.3 which was deployed up to now gave me

no host in upstream ""

errors, with 1.0.6 I am getting

invalid URL prefix in "http://"

errors. If it helps I can try to setup a simplified test case, because
posting the full configuration would certainly exceed some acceptable
message limit of this list/forum.

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