Nginx build under Debian Hurd i386

Cyril LAVIER cyril.lavier at
Wed Sep 28 08:39:26 UTC 2011


Hi nginx lovers. 

As it's my first mail on this mailing list, I
will introduce myself a little bit. 

I'm Cyril Lavier, a 25 years old
System Administrator from France. I use nginx for barely a year now. I
use it for my own website, and also for the company I'm working. 

let's work :). 

For the Debian packaging purposes, we try to make nginx
build properly under the hurd-i386 kernel. 

But it never built well,
and Kartik sent a mail in January about this. 

Now, as I'm contributing
to this packaging, I tried to figure out why nginx build failed. 

this, I opened a ticket (, which
provide a patch for this. With this patch it's building well and working

After, we add the MP4 module to the nginx-extras package, but
the module failed to compile under hurd-i386 (the build works like a
charm on other architectures). 

I opened the ticket #23
(, with a first draft of a patch,
which resolves one issue. By the way, my C coding knowledge is too low
to completely correct this issue. 

We would like the hurd package being
the same as the others, so if the developers (or other contributors with
sufficient knowledge) can take a look at both tickets, and judging about
a patch inclusion for #22 and a more complete patch #23, this would be
very appreciated. 


Cyril "Davromaniak" Lavier
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