$https with SSL proxy

Antonio P.P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Mon Apr 2 08:00:09 UTC 2012

> Dear all,
> starting with version 1.1.11 the $https variable is activated by
> default. This is good as many applications rely on them because apache
> is using this header.
> However, now i cannot set or map this variable (nginx: [emerg] the
> duplicate "https" variable). We have a load balancer in front of the web
> servers which does all SSL traffic. The nginx servers can only differ
> between http and https via a header sent by the load balancer, the nginx
> port is the same. That hasn't been a problem in < 1.1.11. Many plugins,
> codings in applications use this $https header so it would be nice if i
> could assign it manually.

Have you tried explicitly setting the fastcgi_param, like in:

fastcgi_param HTTPS $my_https;

where $my_https is a variable that you set as you want it?


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