Config directive inheritance: docs and rules (was: Config variable inheritance)

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Tue Apr 3 17:20:13 UTC 2012

Hi all - seems to contain some
information I've not found explicitly stated anywhere else: that
config directive inheritance is an all or nothing mechanism. Have I
missed some docs somewhere?

Following on from this, I'd like to understand if there's anything I
can reliably determine from a directive's name about the impact that
defining it will have on *other* directives' inheritability.

Can I, for instance, assume that defining an xyx_ prefixed directive in
a sub-scope will affect *only* the inheritance of other xyz_ prefixed
directives? Or can there be inheritance side-effects between, say,
directive "abc" and "def" that I can't possibly determine without
documentation or trial and error?

Equally, can I assume that *all* xyz_ prefixed directives will have
their inheritance affected by the sub-scope definition of any *other*
xyz_ prefixed directive? Or are there examples where defining
"xyz_foo" does *not* impact the inheritance of "xyz_bar"?

I'm thinking specifically of proxy_* directives, whereas the thread I
link to above is talking about multiple fastcgi_param directives.
Here, I'm interested in how, say, proxy_set_header affects the
inheritance of higher scope's proxy_pass directive - i.e. where the
prefix matches but they're *not* the same directive. Does nginx (core)
derive or imply anything relating to the name-spacing of directives
before (in my example) the proxy module sees the config, or is it
entirely down to how each module implements the configuration

Many thanks,
Jonathan Matthews
London, Oxford, UK

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