PHP with FPM on Gentoo

Silvio Siefke siefke_listen at
Wed Apr 4 20:19:45 UTC 2012


now i have build php and nginx from source direct, emerge --unmerge, 
have downloaded the sourcecode and compile it and same it run not. 

Thats really crazy, what is this? Is this maybe with eselect profile list
option? Because i use 

gentoo-desk imap # eselect profile list
Available profile symlink targets:
  [1]   default/linux/x86/10.0
  [2]   default/linux/x86/10.0/selinux
  [3]   default/linux/x86/10.0/desktop *
  [4]   default/linux/x86/10.0/desktop/gnome
  [5]   default/linux/x86/10.0/desktop/kde
  [6]   default/linux/x86/10.0/developer
  [7]   default/linux/x86/10.0/server
  [8]   hardened/linux/x86
  [9]   hardened/linux/x86/selinux

Is this maybe the mistake or where can be the error?


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