Purge files from proxy_cache

Antonio P.P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Fri Apr 13 08:16:47 UTC 2012

> Well ... i kind of figured out how to actually delete the files from the
> cache by greping for certain key patterns so i am able to actually
> remove them. The problem is that right after i remove them nginx will
> try to rebuild them and at 1000 req/s a lot of php-php processes will
> come up to try and generate the missing cache page which will cause a
> drop in the reqs's ( i think requests start getting http error pages
> actually ). So that is my problem ... the fact that i have no control
> over how uncached pages are created. I would like just 1 process to
> generate the missing page and the others to wait for it to be available
> or something. I guess i'm looging for the functionality that
> proxy_cache_use_stale updating
> adds but for missing files. That will only keep me safe from updating of
> cached and expired pages.




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