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I am appreciate any help I can get on the following issues.

I am writing my own module.

1. I can see in function ngx_http_send_special_response
    that it calculates the content length of the error page even if the request signed as header only (r->header_only = 1)
    and set the content length header with value, after sending the header it does not send the body ( because  r->header_only = 1)
    so the response arrive with content length different than 0 but without body 

    Is it a BUG?

2.In the module I am trying to redirect the request with status code 302 (NGX_HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY)
   Trying to user->headers_out.location for the Alternate URL failed, I looked in the code and saw the Location must start with "/" - why?

   In the end I add it to r->headers_out.headers
   using header = ngx_list_push(&r->headers_out.headers);
   Is it the write way to do it?

3. Can you explain please the different between
    a. r->headers_out.content_length_n
    b. r->headers_out.content_length

4. Can you explain the usage of the hash field in ngx_table_elt_t

Hagai Avrahami
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