MP4 pseudostreaming - seek delay

dagr nginx-forum at
Wed Apr 18 07:40:22 UTC 2012

If you try to download youtube movie (any movie which i tried so far)
with Download Master - then if you download 720p or higher,  you ll get 
MP4 file , not FLV. Download Master  emulates flash player to retrieve
video , so it looks like flash player in resolutions 720p 1080p plays
mp4 (not flv) too (may be i wrong). 

AFAIK youtube stores video under 720p as flv and >=720p as mp4 and
another batch of mp4 files  for ipads  which are encoded with main
profile, not high.

By the way, i was not able to find on youtube 720p  MP4 files longer
than 20 mins ( moov data is not huge), so their smooth playing doesnt
look very strange.

Anyway  - ipads  CAN seek smoothly mp4 files without all this shit with
moov data. 
And Adobe  flash player - doesnt - very strange.

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