Really bizarre problem with Sabredav

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Fri Apr 20 00:01:21 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I've been desperately trying to get SabreDav working with Nginx for the
last 3 days almost to no avail. Well, with some success actually. By
following the instructions here:

I can set it up so I can login. I can create folders too. I can't upload
files though...well, I can't upload files with file extensions actually,
and it's this I find really real really bizarre. If I try and upload
blah.blah Transmit returns 405 Not Allowed and in the error logs in
Nginx I get something like "access forbidden by rule" but if I then
upload blah without the extension it works?!?! So i'm mostly getting
lots of 405 Not Allowed's :(

I'm pretty sure this is an Nginx issue not a Sabredav issue.

Help would be really, really, really appreciated.

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