Luke tmp at
Thu Apr 26 13:14:06 UTC 2012

Hi all, I'm new here.

Since I need my nginx to be integrated with syslog, I looked at the unofficial
patches (udpremote and syslog patch).

I saw I can have syslog logging with these, but I can not set a custom program
identifier per vhost, so that I can easily distinguish in the syslog daemon and
make it save the right log in the right file, making syslog manage
location(remote/local) and rotation of the logs.

Since the patches do not permit that, I think I'm going to write yet another
syslog module/patch.

So I have a couple of questions:
 - why weren't the patches/modules merged into the main ngix project? Any
criticism on those patches so that I don't make the same mistakes?

 - Do you think it's better to support syslog in the access_log/error_log
directives, just like the patch, or to have a different error_syslog /
access_syslog directives?

 - Do you have any preference in the format of the directive? (ex:
"access_syslog host:local6:notice" instead of "syslog_access host local6 notice"

Thank you for any reply in advance,

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