openssl depencies for nginx

Christian Bönning christian.boenning at
Wed Aug 1 13:59:45 UTC 2012


I've noticed that once '--with-openssl' is specified as parameter to
'./configure' it takes ages to build nginx (which is depending on
openssl build really, not nginx). However there's a little
changerequest on how nginx could install the openssl depency: openssl
does provide a `make install_sw` command which does not install all
that man-stuff which isn't needed anyway.

for the record - from an already compiled version:
lb01# time make install_sw
real    0m3.073s
user    0m0.252s
sys     0m1.924s
lb01# time make install
real    1m30.423s
user    0m26.846s
sys     1m0.440s


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