Post mortem of a HackerNews Launch & references to mistakes made with Nginx config

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On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 11:32 PM, Cherian Thomas < at>wrote:

> Hello family,
> I wrote about some of the mistakes I made while doing a HN launch for my
> new startup Cucumbertown <>
> It has references to Nginx and how making a simple mistake in config cost
> me a server crash that lasted for 20-30 minutes.
> *Hope this will benefit some of the new Nginx users who are trying to
> scale.*
> On the positive side, if not for Nginx we wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes
> of peak traffic at 1000 users/sec+. Besides that, this blog is
> hosted on a 128MB single core machine and has been serving
> peak HackerNews front page traffic for almost 17 hours now<>,
> thanks to Nginx.
> Thank you Igor, Maxim, Antonio, Velentin and all other for this software
> marvel.
Nice post!

I think you can use the sysguard module ( ) comes from Tengine.
It can protect your server when load or memory use goes too high. We have
taken it from Tengine as a separate Nginx module ( ). Hope it helps.

BTW, the sysguard module played a very important role in the 24-hour rush
when Taobao conducted $3.06 billion USD of business ( ).


Joshua Zhu
Senior Software Engineer
Server Platforms Team at Taobao
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