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Sat Dec 1 23:53:33 UTC 2012

Hi all,
I have a project that I think Nginx might be good for.

I am building a car sales website in joomla. (joomla is a php/Mysql based

The content, car listings is not stored in the database but served
externally via an api so there is no real search heavy lifting on the front
end joomla site (eg im not storing 200 000 listings in the mysql db as
content items).

There is however a lot of content, images etc and listing content can be
cached as well.

Im curious about nginx because im dedicated to making this site the fastest
and easiest to use, but it also needs to handle high volumes of traffic - eg
if we get some good press and our traffic explodes, the server needs to be
able to handle it. By explode I mean a few hundred requests a second.

My server admin experience is basic ssh, WHM/Cpanel/Phpmyadmin - is there a
similar setup for nginx in terms of creating hosting accounts on the server,
setting up zone files, email addresses, mysql users, db's etc?

And what about security? Is there a mod_security or similar?

Finally, what about caching etc? Is there a mod_pagespeed?

Perhaps just some simple guides or links to how nginx handles the above
instead of apache?


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