Set-Cookie is missing via proxy

Isaac Hailperin i.hailperin at
Wed Dec 5 20:12:09 UTC 2012

Also, at least from the config, the html should not be cached, right?
I will also check the communication with the backend(there currently is 
a different problem which prevents this check) to see which headers are 
passed between nginx and the backend, and compare them with the headers 
sent between the client and nginx.

Anything else I could do to investigate?


On 12/05/2012 08:42 PM, Isaac Hailperin wrote:
> On 12/05/2012 01:23 PM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
>> I would suggest it's backend code/configs which needs
>> investigation.  It looks like the backend returns static file
>> (note Content-Length, ETag and no X-Powered-By) to nginx for some
>> reason.
> Am I understanding you correctly: you suggest that for some reason the
> backend is delivering a page without the query string, so nginx has no
> chance to deliver it?
> Isaac
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