proxy_cache_bypass and proxy_no_cache

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Mon Dec 10 08:32:03 UTC 2012

You can use at the http level:

map $cookie_no_cache $dont_cache {
    0 1;
    1 0;

Then use the $dont_cache variable instead.


amodpandey <nginx-forum at> a écrit :

>I want to proxy_cache responses only with a specific cookie in request.
>I thought to use
>proxy_cache_bypass    ! $cookie_cache;
>proxy_no_cache            ! $cookie_cache;
>That ( ! ) does not work. 
>One more question, why we need to have proxy_cache_bypass and proxy_no_cache
>nginx: [warn] "proxy_no_cache" functionality has been changed in 0.8.46, now
>it should be used together with "proxy_cache_bypass"
>Help Please!
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