I want help...

Thomas Joseph tjoseph1 at ymail.com
Mon Dec 10 19:27:58 UTC 2012

Did I tell that I am looking into a reverse proxy situation ? No.

My mistake. I want to have a reverse proxy, that would filter the incoming
and pass-on/reject  upon the rules.

[SSL enabled web-client]=>[NGINX]=>{filtering]=>[My own custom built HTTP application]
[SSL enabled web-client]<=[NGINX]<=[My own custom built HTTP application] 



 From: Thomas Joseph <tjoseph1 at ymail.com>
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Subject: I want help...

Hello all,

What is the best way to block un-expected submissions?

For example, I have this puzzle:

aaa is uuid, bbb is alphanumric, ccc is just numeric.

I want to have nginx validating this regex, and one more, if someone craft
(ddd=xyz) in the submission url, it has to FAIL.

Pls, comments are welcome.


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