List of all request headers in perl?

E. Westbrook nginx at
Mon Dec 17 22:29:21 UTC 2012


I'm new to the list; so please accept my apologies and do kindly correct 
me if I've missed something in my research, or if I'm not complying with 
any particular social custom or etiquette on this list.

I'm using nginx's integrated perl support, and all is going well so far, 
but I'm missing one critical thing right now:  a way to get a list of 
all of the request headers.

I can certainly use $r->header_in() to obtain any given specific header, 
which works well if I know the header in advance -- but in my case I 
need to iterate all of the incoming request headers, even (especially, 
actually) headers whose presence I would not have anticipated.

I do see some references to Nginx modules on CPAN, and in at least one 
of those, a $r->headers_in() method...  but those modules are not the 
same animal as the built-in "nginx" module, are they.

Please help!

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