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Sun Dec 23 22:04:54 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I have recently been introduced to nginx, hence pardon me if my questions
sound silly to you :)

(1) Kindly let me know how I can programmatically create/update/remove load
balancers for use with apps in different languages like PHP/Java/Ruby/Python
etc. So that I can deploy an app to a Cloud of my choice, and then create
and configure a load balancer for use with the deployed app.


(2) Also, how do I monitor the load balancer itself?


(3) How do I assign a load balancer to a group of servers?

(4) How do I add/remove a server that is one of the multiple servers running
the web app

(5) Am I correct in thinking that with ref to the web app that is being
served by the load balancer-->I simply have to deploy that web app to
multiple servers, and then configure the server running nginx to be the load
balancer for all those servers?

(6) Also, is the method/answer suggested by you applicable to any cloud of
my choice? Can I use nginx (with the help of your answers to this thread) as
a load balancer for any app/cloud?



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