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Mon Dec 24 15:28:06 UTC 2012

Hello NGINX Dev team:

Hope you can help answer a simple question (I've gone through documentations
and experimented with it and the answer seems no but hoping to get
confimration from "the" authority on it).

I need to customize the time stamp for logging access logs in certain ways.
Looking at the log module, I see that the nginx offers only two
pre-configured formats, namely the $time_local and $time_iso8601 formats. I
was looking to avoid post-processing of the written logs by changing the
log_format directive at the nginx level which would have met out needs.

This would have also provided "built-in" log-rotation that we were looking
to employ (given that file is opened and immediately closed) as well.

If this is the case of not RTFM (namely then I apologies and
hopefully I can be pointed to the propriate place(s).

Thanks and have a Happy Holidays!


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