Optimize nginx for uploading/download huge files..

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Thu Jan 5 00:38:08 UTC 2012

stefancaunter Wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 5:35 PM, ronjpark
> <nginx-forum at nginx.us> wrote:
> The bottleneck is neither CPU nor memory. VM disk
> performance will be
> bad. Any throughput you get on the virtual disk
> will degrade as each
> concurrent upload client triggers reads and
> writes.  This is one case
> where you need a SAN, ZFS filesystem, or an SSD
> drive; configure with
> large block size if files are >1GB. Even server
> class hard drives will
> thrash and slow down everything with enough
> clients contending for the
> disk. Remember, in relative time, if a cpu
> operation takes a second,
> an operation on the disk takes one month, under
> ideal conditions, and
> you are giving nginx less than ideal conditions.
> Stefan Caunter
> http://scaleengine.com/contact

Thank you Stefan.
I also doubted what you said and tested with 1MB file.

client_body_buffer_size is set to 2M and proxy_buffer_size = 2M also.
But it doesn't work.

As my understainding, nginx doesn't make disk I/O for this file
transaction because of enough big buffer size. Right?
Please fix me if I'm wrong.

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