Problem with instant streaming request body to backend

Tomasz Roda tomasz.roda at
Thu Jan 5 09:48:39 UTC 2012


I am developer in new startup and Nginx is important part of whole
system. Generally it is great load balancer, has many interesting
modules and configuration possibilities but I have one serious problem
which I cannot solve.

Problem is that Nginx for each request collects the whole body of
request and only after that sends request next to backend. I know that
I can theoretically use upload module to omit that issue but we have
got own part of code to handle uploads in way that we need (which must
not be supported by module in load balancer). That issue is big
problem for us because in current load balancer implementation data
from client is unnecessarily "cached" on load balancer (load
balancer's hard drive in fact) and then send to backend instead of
instant streaming from client by load balancer to backend. Main
problem is lower performance (requirement of fast storage on load
balancer servers) and additional requests latency, it is really
noticeable especially for big files.

My question is: is any chance for adding feature of instant data
streaming of request body to backend? If chance is real can we expect
feature implementation soon? I think that it is useful functionallity
and can be used by many Nginx users.


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