need help getting perl cgis to work.

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Thu Jan 5 13:43:12 UTC 2012

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Hi there,

> hey folks, ive been running apache for years but now trying to use nginx. I have nginx and php(with fastcgi) 
> working fine, but whenever I try to bring up my web page that has a perl cgi on it, it just downloads the script 

> when do I need to do to get nginx to properly execute the perl cgi?

nginx doesn't do cgi.

You'll need to run some separate server that nginx can talk to as a
client, that is able to do whatever processing you want.

If you have a http server that handles the cgi for you, you can
"proxy_pass" to that.

If you have a fastcgi server that is set up to do the right thing with
your cgi script, you can "fastcgi_pass" to that.

There are also other options.

On the nginx side, you configure it in a similar way to your
php-via-fastcgi configuration.

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