How to see nginx rps (requests per second)

Yogui nginx-forum at
Sat Jan 7 14:35:55 UTC 2012


Please remember that what you are looking for is a "human" value, as
opposed to the snapshot type of values the server can reliably provide.
The reason why nginx does not provide what you are looking for may be
that the server would have to provide several intervals to satisfy
everyone (second, millisecond, minute, hour, etc.), and that is neither
practical nor reliable. Such data could also be misleading, depending on
your use case. From a server point of view, the best thing to do was to
give a total number of requests served and let the admins do the math as
they see fit.

However, the stub status module provides easy-to-read data that you can
parse with a script in a loop, or such a script could dump the stats in
a database and you could then read that. That is the best long-term
solution to your problem. Please remember too that this database does
not need to be SQL, it could be RRD-based for example, or just plain
files, whatever suits you best.


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