Reading from a named pipe / fifo

Max nginxyz at
Fri Jan 20 21:36:15 UTC 2012


how could I configure (or change) nginx to serve the output
from a named pipe / fifo (that was created with mknod or mkfifo)
as if it were a regular HTML file?

Let's say I have a fifo named fifo.html that gets input from an
application. This input will sometimes be read locally by another
application and sometimes remotely through nginx, but once the  
information is read, it should be considered consumed (no longer

Can the current version of nginx be configured to provide this 

Limiting the number of times a certain file can be served would
also be an acceptable solution.

If this isn't possible, could you point me in the right direction
so I could change the source code or write a module that would
allow nginx to serve output from named pipes / fifos?

Thank you, 

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