HttpLimitZoneModule + Varnish (frontend)

moon35 nginx-forum at
Sat Jan 21 17:45:02 UTC 2012


I'm having some troubles with the Module LimitZone.

I want to limit simultaneous connections per client (IP) with
"limit_conn" but it doesn't work with Varnish-cache which is listening
to port 80 and NginX: 8080 

To do some tests I put limit_conn to 1 and I tried to download two files
from my server
If I write this on my browser adress bar :
 -> http://mydomain.tld:8080/file_to_dl.ext
it works of course (I got the error 503) but this :
 -> http://mydomain.tld/file_to_dl.ext
doesn't work: I can download more than 1 file.

I'm using php-fpm and $_SERVER['remote_addr'] give the right Client IP

Does anyone have a solution to my problem ? 
Thanks in advance.

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