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Tue Jan 24 11:10:35 UTC 2012


I tested the Cywin version along with the following additional
configuration settings:

worker_processes  5;
worker_rlimit_nofile 3072;

events {
    worker_connections  1024;
    accept_mutex off;
    multi_accept on;

The exact effect of the above settings on the functioning of nginx is not
well understood. But with this configuration I find that multiple workers
do the work and this improves scalability. One problem that I discovered
was that sometimes a connection is not accepted and the following error is

2012/01/24 11:45:16 [alert] 15964#0: accept() failed (14: Bad address)

For eg with 2000 concurrent connections about 15 fail to be accepted. When
the client shuts down after waiting, the server sockets go into CLOSE_WAIT
state. They seem to remain that way forever.

Is anyone aware of a way to overcome this problem?


On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Ensiferous <nginx-forum at> wrote:

> Additionally the Windows version of the event polling which enables high
> performance on unix is called IOCP and is not supported last I checked.
> So you would basically be using select().
> Windows support is very preliminary and while I can't speak for the
> development team, I don't think it's supposed to be used for anything
> other than development or testing.
> -Martin Fjordvald
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