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Tue Jan 24 18:05:24 UTC 2012


Joshua Zhu, I find http-concat module very useful indeed.   Except there
are a few minor issues that hopefully will be fixed in the new

1. It is not possible to define files from alternate folder followed by
files defined by another folder, for example:

   => works


 => doesn't work

(site-default.css resides in the root)

Suggestion is therefore if "/" is used as a prefix for consequent files,
then treat this component as absolute URL

2. Some CSS files may contain relative links to images.  However, when
these CSS files are concatenated using http-concat from a page residing
in a different folder, links to images will not of course work anymore,
as they become relative to the current page.   For example: 
"jquery-ui-1.8.17.custom.css" of the standard jquery library contains 8
links to images/* and of course they don't work.

We wrote our own PHP script to automatically parse CSS files and fix the
url's by using the following perl regex:

$path = dirname($e['uri']);
// example: url(relative/path/to/file) becomes:
url(/absolute/and/not/relative/path/to/file) within a CSS file
$buf =
preg_replace('/(:?\s*url\s*\()[\'"\s]*([^\/\'"].*)[\'"\s]*\)/isU', '$1'
. ($path == '/' ? '/' : $path . '/') . '$2)', $buf);

It doesn't seem to create a big processing overhead, since the files are
read from disk anyway, and this only does a replace operation in the
memory buffer.   what do you say?  would it be possible to implement?

Also, Antonio, you did a great job to distribute http-concat on git, but
the link to download the archive does not appear to have a .gz/.zip
extension, and, for example, in Gentoo distribution it creates problems
when using "unpack()" function in its ebuilds, as it doesn't know what
type of archive it is:


(doesn't end with ".gz")

Also, there is no version information.

Best regards


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