MP4 (H264) migrating from lighttpd to nginx

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I am no expert in streaming, but I read from the
a special request of 'start=0' would transfer metadata.
Maybe without it, the file would simply be considered as a normal file and
then served completely before being able to be read ?

My 2 cents...
*B. R.*

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 22:09, Ondrej Jombik <jombik at> wrote:

> It is great that MP4 module came out. So we decided to migrate our video
> streaming servers to nginx. In fact those are our last non-nginx
> webservers (not counting IIS).
> However we have some troubles. In our Flash player, MP4 video starts
> play only after it is completelly loaded. I thought there is problem
> with player, so I tried open-source flowplayer and it was the same.
> So I thought that there is problem with nginx HTTP response. I compared
> it completelly to lighttpd response, and made them exactly same. I even
> changed the nginx server name to "lighttpd" (source recompilation was
> needed), added headers like "X-Mod-H264-Streaming", but still no luck.
> When serving video through lighttpd, it starts play immediately.
> When serving through nginx, it starts play only after it is fully
> loaded.
> However requests for partial files like video.mp4?start=32.33 works well
> with nginx. I think there is problem with initial request (the one
> without "start" parameter).
> I'm stuck. Any ideas what else should be checked?
> Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
> Ondrej
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