startup error -> "[emerg] duplicate listen options" if 2nd IPv6 listener is enabled

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Tue Jul 3 17:39:55 UTC 2012

I run src-built nginx/1.3.2 on linux/64.

I have two nginx vhosts enabled:
	site 1)
		server {
			server_name test1.loc;
			listen      [2001:xxx:xxxx:xxx::1]:443 ipv6only=on;

	site 2)
		server {
			server_name test2.loc;
			listen default;
		#	listen      [2001:xxx:xxxx:xxx::1]:443 ipv6only=on;

With this config, if I start nginx,

	service nginx start
		Shutting down nginx                done
		Starting nginx                     done

all's well.

But, if for site 2) I enable the IPv6 listener,

	-	#	listen      [2001:xxx:xxxx:xxx::1]:443 ipv6only=on;
	+		listen      [2001:xxx:xxxx:xxx::1]:443 ipv6only=on;

Now, @ nginx start,

	service nginx start
		Starting nginx nginx: [emerg] duplicate listen options for
[2001:xxx:xxxx:xxx::1]:443 in
		startproc:  exit status of parent of /usr/local/sbin/nginx: 1

Is this a bug, feature or config problem?


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