[ANN] ngx_openresty devel version released

agentzh agentzh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 23:37:46 UTC 2012


After more than one week's active development, I'm happy to announce
that ngx_openresty development version,, is now released:


Below is the change log for this release, as compared to the last release

 *   upgraded LuaNginxModule to 0.5.5.

     *   feature: added new configure directives init_by_lua and
         init_by_lua_file. they can be used to pre-load Lua modules,
         register true Lua global variables, and initialize the
         shared-memory storage defined via lua_shared_dict, at Nginx
         config-loading time. thanks drdrxp for suggesting this new

     *   feature: now we print backtrace to "error.log" when Lua
         errors happen in set_by_lua*, header_filter_by_lua*,
         body_filter_by_lua*, and log_by_lua.

     *   bugfix: upstream data buffers were not marked as fully
         consumed when body_filter_by_lua* was used and "ngx.arg[1]"
         was overwritten. this could result in connection hang for
         large response bodies. thanks Tzury Bar Yochay for reporting
         this issue.

     *   bugfix: gcc complained that "dereferencing type-punned
         pointer will break strict-aliasing rules" when "-O2" or
         above was enabled while compiling. thanks Ryan Ooi for
         reporting this and chaoslawful for fixing it.

 *   upgraded LuaRestyRedisLibrary to 0.10.

     *   feature: added the Redis "script" command introduced in
         Redis 2.6. thanks Evgeniy Dolzhenko for suggesting this.

     *   docs: documented that storing the object instance into lua
         module-level variables will result in failures for
         concurrent requests.

     *   docs: documented that this lib cannot be used in those
         contexts where the ngx_lua cosocket API is unavailable.

 *   upgraded SrcacheNginxModule to 0.14.

     *   feature: added new nginx variable $srcache_fetch_status
         which takes one of three values, "BYASS", "MISS", and "HIT".
         thanks Feibo Li for the patch.

     *   feature: added new Nginx variable $srcache_store_status
         which takes the value "BYASS" or "STORE".

     *   optimize: removed unused context data field "fetch_sr" on
         the C level to reduce the memory footprint a bit.

The HTML version of the change log with some useful hyper-links can be
browsed here:


Special thanks go to all our contributors and users for helping make this
happen :)

OpenResty (aka. ngx_openresty) is a full-fledged web application server by
bundling the standard Nginx core, lots of 3rd-party Nginx modules, as well
as most of their external dependencies. See OpenResty's homepage for



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