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itpp2012 nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sat Jul 7 10:29:00 UTC 2012

I've had the same sort of issue yesterday with 1.2.2, all of a sudden
404's but with a additional 'No input file specified' coming from the
php backend(and 1 sec later from nginx cache 'HIT'), one minute later
and everything was normal again. No floods, normal traffic, no
additional log entries... Only backend effected, normal static sites
worked ok.

Restarts did not help either which is the weirdest, but then again I did
change alot recently like using nginx caching with the php backend, php
code RC cacher. And I did wanted to update php anyway to the 5.4 branch,
so now updated everything to 5.4, changed a dozen php apps to work
properly with 5.4 and now waiting to see if the issue happens again.

There are memory corruption issues with php 5.3 which have been fixed in
svn but not compiled/released yet, 5.4 does not have these issues so
hopefully 5.4 solves this weirdness.

It does sound like a php issue (75% sure) but it could be a nginx issue
as well like for some reason not passing data to the backend, however it
is extremely weird when restarting nginx and the backends the problem
persisted ! either wait without restarting or restart 3-4 times before
things are back to normal.

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