access log off nginx not working ?

gyre007 nginx-forum at
Sat Jul 7 13:52:52 UTC 2012

Hi Max,

> Requests are logged in context of a location where
> request 
> execution ends up.  As you have error_page 404
> defined, and no 
> favicon.ico file - error 404 is generated and
> redirected to 
> /errors/404.html.  As a result request is logged
> in context of 
> "location /errors/" where you have access log
> enabled.
> Maxim Dounin

thanks for the explanation - that was my initial thought too but as I'm
rookie I wasn't sure. Thanks again.
In that case I'm hitting a wall while trying to figure out how to
configure my server for the following scenario.
I have fastcgi_intercept_errors set in http block and have put
error_pages directive in the virtual host definition above to handle the
cases when someone tries to access PHP URI which does not exist – if I
take it away then Im getting “no input file specified” – which  I
know makes sense as PHP-FPM is not able to find given file and reports
back to browser. 

The problem with this configuration is that the drop.conf file is
completely "ignored" because of what you said - so when I take
error_page bit out then drop.conf file is suddenly taken into account
and favicon.ico is no longer being logged. The question is how do I
handle this situation -> return 404 page when someone is accessing non
existing PHP URI and at the same time disable logging as per drop.conf
file ? Im banging my head against the table.
Any help appreciated.

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