Make an internal site available on the web, proxy? + security

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Sat Jul 7 15:07:28 UTC 2012

Hi Forumators,

Everything is done from home.

I've a small cms (the exxxcellent lightspeed razorcms) from which I
serve my own little site: adsl box is forwarding the external port 80 to
svr.loc:80, and everything's fine.

What I would like to do - IF it is possible - is to add a "page" into my
site that is in fact a wiki installed on another LAN machine
(svrwiki.loc); my guess is, it could be achieved w/ nginx proxy, but I
don't see how (nor what to write in the "page").

My other question is about security: this wiki will contain some
sensitive information; so, is basic auth + fail2ban (set to jail any
client that would fail to authenticate 3 times in 3 seconds) really
sufficient to avoid any tampering, or should I consider another way to
do that? (and which way?)


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