problem with http headers when using ssl

Reinis Rozitis r at
Tue Jul 17 13:45:20 UTC 2012

> when i'm proxying to tomcat server everything is fine, proxy_pass works.
>From there i connect to some payment site, but if i decide to go back,
> it brings me to to site:
> https://www80/actionVaiisisPayment.action
> but it should be ip adress not upstream name:

The www80 probably comes from the upstream application (which makes a 
redirect) since you don't pass the real Host: header back to upstream and 
nginx uses the 'www80' upstream name when connecting to the backend.

You can either try to pass the actuall Host: header back to upstream - add:

proxy_set_header        Host        $host;

Or you can change the redirects with proxy_redirect ( )


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