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Thu Jul 19 08:18:31 UTC 2012


I am trying to use the HttpUseridModule but I am not able to set the cookie, however I can see that the request has been sent and the browser allows cookie.

$uid_got $uid_set
     -             uid=4D01310AD0BA0750254E223402040303
     -             uid=4D01310AD3BD0750D54FFDA202050303

Below you can see the conf that I used in the test. Is there something missing?

server {
    listen       80;
    server_name  boo;

    # log files
    access_log /etc/nginx/logs/access.log;
    error_log /etc/nginx/logs/error.log warn;

    # directory
    root   /home/test/public_html/boo;
    index  index.html;

    location / {
      userid          on;
      userid_name     uid;
      userid_path     /;
      userid_expires  365d;
      userid_p3p      'policyref="/w3c/p3p.xml", CP="CUR ADM OUR NOR STA NID"';

    error_page   401 403 404      /40x.html;
    error_page   500 502 504      /50x.html;

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