client keep alive support under HTTP/1.0

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Mon Mar 5 03:55:41 UTC 2012

Hi Valentin,

Thanks for your response.  We've asked the other company if they might
try something other than ab for their testing, but so far they seem to
want to keep using it.  As a result, we're stuck with supporting it.

>From the testing that the other company has done, and from the testing
that we've done to try to repeat their results, it does not appear that
nginx is supporting keepalives on HTTP/1.0 requests.  We see the request
header go out with keepalives requested, but the response header
contains Connection: Close.  

If nginx supports this by default, it implies that we have an
incompatible config option.  keepalive_timeout is 600 for this virtual
server (tried it at 30s, also - same result).  We aren't using any other
keepalive configs.  

Any suggestions as to where else we might look?



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