bug in limit_req

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Mon Mar 5 15:34:01 UTC 2012


limit_req does not work with Nginx 1.1.16 - if used on different
`for a in `seq 300`; do wget -O /dev/null http://localhost:8081/; done`
Exepected result: 503, result is always "502 bad gateway".
Down below the config file.

Thanks a lot

error_log  /tmp/nginx-error_log info;
pid        /tmp/nginx.pid;
events {
    worker_connections  65535;

http {
    default_type                application/octet-stream;

    limit_req_zone              $binary_remote_addr 
zone=everything_ip:32m  rate=50r/s;
    limit_req                   zone=everything_ip burst=50;
    limit_req_zone              $binary_remote_addr  zone=fastcgi_ip:32m

    server {
        listen          *:8081;
        root            /tmp/www;

        # fastcgi
        location @backend {
            limit_req           zone=fastcgi_ip burst=10;
            fastcgi_pass        unix:/tmp/nginx.dispatch.sock;

        # static
        location / {
            try_files $uri @backend;
            expires max;

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