Multiple caching solutions for anonymous and logged in users with SSI on

Antonio P.P. Almeida appa at
Tue Mar 6 10:01:42 UTC 2012

> Thanks Antonio.
> On a side note, if I craft a proxy cache key with cookie_sessionid and if
> the sessionid cookie does not exist, *will nginx take it as an empty
> value*?

Sure. Here's an example using map.

map $http_cookie $cache_id {
    default nil; # hommage to Lisp :)
    ~SESS[[:alnum:]]+=(?<session_id>[[:graph:]]+) $session_id;

When there's no SESS cookie then $cache_id is nil.

> Can nginx do a try_files or 'if' on the existence of a cookie? This
> will
> help me deliver two caching strategies in the same location directive.

Sure. Example. At the http level:

map $http_cookie $cookie_exists {
    default 0;
    ~<regex testing cookie> 1;

On the "main" cache location:

error_page 418 @other-cache-location;

if ($cookie_exists) {
   return 418;

Something of this kind will work.


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