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Fri Mar 16 18:27:26 UTC 2012

Doh!  I forgot 'bout the error log.

Apparently, nginx is looking for the file in /etc/nginx//html  However, the
default html files were installed in /usr/share/nginx/html

I installed from the repo, so I'm not sure why it installed in one place
yet is looking in another.  And I don't have a root html directory set in
any of the conf files.

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Francis Daly <francis at> wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 09:43:39AM -0400, Bai Shen wrote:
> Hi there,
> > I added this into my config file, and put my-503-error.html in the same
> > location as the default 50x.html file, but all I get is a generic 404
> error
> > page.
> You got an error page.
> What does the error log say?
> Either put your 503 file there; or configure "root" so that it is correct
> within this location{}.
> If you're still having problems, please follow the "debug" instructions
> to make it easier for people to help you.
> Details on the web site, but in brief:
> what did you do?
> what did you see?
> what did you expect to see?
> and the more specific you are, the easier it will be for someone else to
> reproduce the problem you are reporting.
> Good luck with it,
>        f
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