Nginx as Load Balancer Connection Issues

gtuhl nginx-forum at
Tue Mar 20 21:33:44 UTC 2012

I'm thinking about giving the development version with the upstream
keepalive over http 1.1 a try.

Are people using that version in production?  Is there a release
schedule/estimate anywhere that indicates when that feature might
trickle over to stable?

We're using nginx heavily in a pretty vanilla load balancer role -
upstream of apache servers, ssl termination in nginx, that's it in terms
of features we are using.  

It's worked fantastically well overall, we're just flirting with an
ephemeral port limit on a few of our sites (have worked around by
setting up multiple A records pointed at multiple nginx pairs).  If we
could get keepalive connections between nginx and the upstream apaches I
believe we would be in very good shape and could keep our configuration
simple moving forward.

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