Socket leaks., pread and [crit] SSL_Write() in 1.0.14

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Mon Mar 26 12:04:13 UTC 2012

Hi Maxim,

> Do you see this as a regression from some previous version? If
> yes - which one? Do you see the same problem in 1.1.x?

I used before 1.0.12 and did not experienced the socket leaks.

> This usually happens if you update files non-atomically, i.e. edit
> files in-place instead of creating new file and then renaming it
> to desired name. Obvious solution is to update files atomically.

Thanks, that is what I was doing, editing the file with nano. :)

> As openssl 0.9.8e is quite old, I assume it's heavily modified by
> your OS vendor. Do you see the same errors if you compile nginx with
> recent vanilla openssl (0.9.8u, 1.0.0h or 1.0.1 will be ok)?

We are using the default openssl version available in CentOS 5.8.
I could look into that but we are talking hundreds of thousands of
servers still using 0.9.8e.
Personally I'm not comfortable yet moving to CentOS 6.2. I will create
an openssl-1.0.1 RPM for CentOS 5.8 and test it on a development server,
then move it into production. Still, I don't recall noticing any SSL
errors on previous Nginx version (1.0.12).

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