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Adnan RIHAN axel50397 at
Tue Mar 27 21:46:43 UTC 2012

Hi !

I'm using NGinx since few weeks.
One of our customers wants his mp3 downloaded instead of being opened
by the browser.

.htaccess aren't read, so I've decided to add a config file for his
domain, containing the "option" types, to add "mp3" as

It's working well, but his website is now ugly, because the
instruction also applies for .css O_O

> root at shadow [/etc/cpnginx/custom]# cat
> types {
>     application/octet-stream mp3;
> }

Is it a normal behavious, did I miss something?

Thank you for your help !
Cheers, Adnan RIHAN.
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hébergement Web et Serveurs de jeux.
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