block dos attack nginx behind cloudflare and loadbalancer

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Wed Mar 28 07:34:44 UTC 2012

i have 4 webserver behind cloudflare and a loadbalancer, nginx is the
web browser, php-fpm manage the php pages. i don't know how to block a
simple dos attack ...

i'm able to detect this attack by use the http_limit_req module from

but this is not block the attack at all, yes can mitigate but webservers
are hit and hit again, and php-fpm goes to 80% and in a minute the
website is unreachable.

i'm trying to find a way to block this kind of request.

i know how to block certain ip address or certain useragent with nginx
but i want to do it automatically. I think that i cannot block the ip
with iptables because the request come from the loadbalancer :( but i'm
still able to detect the correct ip address with the set_real_ip_from
and real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For with nginx.

i have the log file (error.log) filled with the correct ip address as
you can see:

2012/03/27 18:34:02 [error] 31234#0: *1283 limiting connections by zone
"staging", client: XX.XX.XX.XXX, server:, request: "HEAD
/it HTTP/1.1", host: ""

Someone have an idea and can teach me how to block automatically this

thanks in advance!

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