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Adnan RIHAN adnan at
Wed Mar 28 23:21:40 UTC 2012

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
Here is a link example:

Actually, the first thing i've tried, is:
> types {
> application/octet-stream mp3;
> }

The only failure, is that with that, even CSS are downloaded (so, webste screwed up), and now I know that I HAVE to use "location".

I gave you an example link, the mp3 are in: /home/customer/www/adata/428.mp3, they're directly downloadable...

And poor me, the dev of CPNginx plugin told me that they don't support custom config, so they won't help me T_T  

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Le jeudi 29 mars 2012 à 01:15, locojohn a écrit :

> Adnan, if it doesn't set the "Content-Disposition" header as per my
> example, then it doesn't match the location in which this header is set.
> It is likely that some other location has preference and so the code I
> provided will never be triggered. Look into your nginx config more
> closely. Also, check the error log, do you get any warnings?  
> Sometimes, PCRE library may throw a warning, maybe you can use
> alternative location syntax compatible with an older version of PCRE:
> ...
> location ~ /(?P<filename>(?!/).+\.mp3)$ {
> ...
> Are your mp3 links static at all?  
> Andrejs
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