resolver does not re-resolve upstream servers after initial cache

Dave Nolan lists at
Wed Nov 7 20:40:49 UTC 2012

Using nginx 1.2.3-stable on Ubuntu 12.04 I have the following config:

    http {
      resolver valid=300s;
      resolver_timeout 10s;

      upstream myupstream {

      server {
        listen 80 default_server;

        location / {
          proxy_pass http://myupstream$request_uri;
          proxy_pass_request_headers on;
          proxy_set_header Host $host;

As I understand it, without the resolver config, nginx will resolve's IP once on load and cache it until it stops or fully
reloads the config.

With the resolver config above, nginx should re-resolve the IP every

However, this is not happening: I can watch tcpdump -n udp port 53 but I
see no re-resolution taking place.

I'd love to know how to fix this. Any advice appreciated thanks!

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